Recovery – Useful Tips

  • Relieving trapped wind – post surgery you may experience trapped wind which can be uncomfortable at the best of times! This wind occurs as a result of the C02 gas which is pumped into the body during surgery to enable the surgeon to get a good view of what they are dealing with. An effective method of release for this gas is PEPPERMINT TEA, GINGER ALE, CARROT JUICE. All of these products naturally help relieve gas, prevent discomfort and help aid recovery as trapped gas can also lead to constipation.
  • Coughing and Sneezing– It is useful to make sure that you have a small pillow handy after your surgery. They can be used to provide support for your stomach if you need to cough or sneeze and it is difficult to do these things without pulling the stomach and placing pressure on the wound.
  • Don’t over do it! Staying active is important for your circulation, strength and fitness levels post surgery but do not over work yourself. Lifting heavy objects, running, jumping, going to the gym etc. are NOT advisable. No mowing the lawn, vacuuming, any housework including washing up can strain the stomach muscles and prevent quick healing.
  • Keep Yourself Occupied- Read books, watch movies, do crossword puzzles, keep a diary, play board games, take up origami, complete a ‘teach yourself’ language course etc. NO MOWING THE LAWN, LIFTING SMALL CHILDREN, ANIMALS ETC, NO HOUSEWORK AT ALL!


  1. I couldn’t have asked for a better blog. You are always available to present excellent advice, going straight to the point for quick understanding of your readership. You’re undeniably a terrific professional in this subject. Thanks a ton for remaining there for humans like me.

  2. How could any of this be better sttaed? It couldn’t.

    • Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you found the informaion useful and would encourage you to keep updated! please feel free to sign up to the site in order to get regular updates on new posts and articles and if you have any suggestions they would be highly appreciated!

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