Links To Useful Websites

Here are some useful links to other websites which you may find useful:


Hyster-sister is a US website predominantly for women dealing with hysterectomy but it contains a wealth of information for women of all ages on how to deal with surgery, hot to aid recovery, alternatives to discuss with your surgical team, asking your doctor the right questions etc. All information is sourced with the help of members and other women who have left posts concerning their experiences and providing advice for the team

The Guardian website is a useful source for upto date information on current governmental policy on health and fertility issues. It also provides useful information fertility practices and changes to women’s health treatments.

A support and guidance service offering counselling and support.
NHS website offering advice and information of health and surgery
Fertility Friends  and the infertility network offers support and advice for women with fertility problems
A comprehensive list of gynaecologists, providing a search engine to find registered gynaecologists and obsteatricians near you
The Royal College of Obsteatricians and Gynaecologists a useful source of medically certified information


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