Our Super Hero Mission!

Here at The WombRoom We believe in biscuits & Super Heroes!

We pride ourselves on being able to create a League of Extraordinary Super Womb-en! In honour of the young women we work with and our commitment to promoting super heroism we thought we’d tell you about our mission statement…

  • To create a league of Super Womb-en
  •   To create Informed, inspired & educated young women who are aware of their fertility & reproductive health choices
  • To redefine social stereotypes of womanhood in the 21st century
  • By positively altering the social discourse on infertility & gynaecological health for young women
  • We aim to raise nationwide awareness about the number of young women who suffer from gynaecological and fertility problems in order to create a league of Super Womb-en in training. We want to fill women who feel isolated and unable to talk about their worries, with the confidence to seek help and advice from professionals.

By bringing our trainee Super Hero’s together we help them to support, socialise and share stories and tips with each other.  We believe in sisterhood, and we believe that “self preservation is what’s really going on today!” We educate our young women to help educate themselves and one another in order to combat some of the psychological and emotional impacts of fertility and gynaecological problems.

what we do

  • The Womb Room is a support, information & educational service for young women dealing with gynaecological and fertility problems.
  • We provide advice, information and support on where to go, who to talk to, what to ask, when to ask, and what course of action to take.
  • Support young women in seeking medical advice and asking the right questions.
  • Provide contact details for charities and advice services which may be of use
  • But most importantly we Educate, Inspire & Empower young women to make pro-active reproductive health & lifestyle choices.

Who we’re for

  • We aim to provide support for young women under 30 who have been affected by gynaecological and fertility problems.


  1. This wbsetie makes things hella easy.

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