Our Long Term Goals

  • Our Long Term Goals


  •  Raising nation awareness of fertility and gynaecological problems in young women under 30 an age group where little/ no current support exists


  •  To work in partnership with the NHS and sexual health service providers to produce publications, e books and events for young women teaching them about making positive reproductive health and lifestyle choices.


  •  To work in partnership with medical professionals and young women to develop a care package which allows young women the confidence to seek the help they need without fear of prejudice or judgement.


  •  To educate, empower and inspire young women to recognise the signs of potential problems, how best to seek help and how to make positive lifestyle and reproductive health choices to reduce the risk of future or long term complications, through a series of workshops, training courses and seminars.


  • To hire staff to provide counselling and support services in hospitals and sexual health centres nationwide


  •  To provide information awareness raising in schools as part of the SRE, PHSE Curriculum


  • 24 hour phone counselling and advice service


  •  To carry out research into the effects of gynaecological conditions on young women’s physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.


  •  To lobby local health service providers and the government to introduce widespread facilities and services for women under 30 with gynaecological and fertility problems


  1. I’m having a small issue. I cannot subscribe to your rss feed for some reason. I’m using google reader by the way.

    • Hi thanks for stopping by we are having some problems with our RSS feed at present but please feel free to subscribe to our blog by filling in your email at the bottom of the page!we’ll let you know as soon as it is up and running!!


  2. Alakazaam-infromtaion found, problem solved, thanks!

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